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1. The Best English Program

We offer the best English language immersion program available anywhere. It provides more daily hours of intensive one-to-one instruction and conversation with highly educated instructors than any other program, more flexibility in business and professionally focused instruction than any other program, and more fun activities than any other program, all for the best price available world wide!



2. Immersion English Learning

The Institute offers a course of English that is not only of the highest quality, but is unique in its ability to specifically address the particular areas and topics you want to become fluent in. At the Institute you will be instructed on a one-to-one basis by highly qualified and certified instructors. At the Institute it is possible to fully customize each client's program, depending on your language level, business or personal needs, and your individual interests. It is important that you feel comfortable, not intimidated, and free to express yourself in a supportive learning environment.


3. Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is internationally known as one of the most beautiful places in the world. It has incredible natural beauty and many outdoor adventures, as well as many casinos for gambling, including the very large nearby Casino resorts in Reno. It is the #1 Vacation Destination Spot in the United States, yet Lake Tahoe remains uncrowded and unspoiled.




4. The Instructors

Personable, friendly, and understanding, the instructors/directors are highly qualified and have also personally experienced the difficulty of learning another language as adults. As accomplished business-owners themselves, professionals, executives and people new to the job market requiring English language will all benefit from their knowledge and expertise.


5. The Accommodations

Accommodations are located at the Institute, which is in a beautiful, luxurious mountain home located on a golf course in Incline Village, Nevada. Participants will have a private bedroom and bathroom. Three outstanding meals per day will be included, as well as a nightly cocktail hour with wine or other spirits and appetizers.


6. Activities and Recreation

The variety of nearby possible activities is astounding with the Institute’s location at Lake Tahoe and its proximity to San Francisco, Napa-Sonoma wine regions, Yosemite National Park, Old West towns, and the beautiful Black Rock Desert. Enjoy skiing, hiking, biking, gambling and more, all while learning important English skills for business or personal use.

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7. Fees

The Institute provides an amazing, customized advanced English program for the price. Nowhere is there provided a more intensive and immersive, yet fun language program for anywhere near the cost. If you want to stay at the home of the Lake Tahoe Institute, your room, food, and in-home entertainment is included in the price. With the United States dollar’s current value compared to the value of most foreign currencies, it is a very good time to come to America.


8. How To Enroll

Previous formal study of the English language is required. You must have a basic understanding of grammar and vocabulary before attending-generally six months or more formal classroom study. The ability to speak English at the same level of your reading and writing is not required.  Obtaining a tourist visa is easy.


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