Immersion English Learning

The Lake Tahoe Institute of English offers a complete course of English, that is not only of the highest quality available anywhere, but is unique in its ability to specifically address the particular areas and topics you want to become fluent in. We specifically design the course for you and your needs. In addition, we offer a long list of local recreational and cultural activities to participate in. This part of the program is also flexible and will be designed for your enjoyment. Our program is both rigorous and flexible so that all your needs are met. You can study the areas of English you want to learn while participating in all the wonderful activities available in the Lake Tahoe area that interest you.

Immersed in English conversation as the sun sets on Lake Tahoe

The Components of the Program

  • Full immersion in structured conversation
  • Specific and customized reading, listening and writing skill instruction
  • Practice conversation in social and business settings
  • Telephone and conference call practice daily
  • Idiomatic social and business expressions
  • Minimum 7 days (recommended 7–14 days), 10–12 hours per day
  • Customized instruction in preferred topics
  • Daily outdoor or cultural activity- See Outdoor Activities

English Language Program Details

The Lake Tahoe Institute of English offers English language instruction and practice business and professional conversation to non-native English speakers who want to establish advanced English language skills.

The most effective and fastest way of learning the English language is by full immersion at the Institute. You will spend between 10 and 12+ hours every day with instructors speaking and learning English in structured written work and social and business conversation. Typically, participation will take at least seven full days (more are recommended) and includes 70 to 90 hours of formal instruction and participation.

The conversation sections of the program consist of exercises to increase fluency of speech, comprehension, vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, presentation and telephone skills. Writing skills, vocabulary and grammar are also covered in structured lessons for 1 to 2 hours every day.

Hiking in the mountains near Lake TahoeAll learning will take place in natural, relaxed, and friendly surroundings. It is important that you feel comfortable, not intimidated, and free to express yourself in a supportive learning environment. The instructors are very skilled at putting clients at ease, thereby maximizing learning. We feel that if you are engaged in pleasurable and relaxing activity while learning, the learning will be greater. Depending on your wishes and interests, daily study conversations will take place at the Institute, or during various activities. (See Activities and Recreation).  We can still study with you while having fun! Therefore, the schedules below are only general guidelines. Your schedule will be designed around your needs and desires.

The program takes place in Lake Tahoe, the number one outdoor recreation destination in the United States, as well as a center for gambling and entertainment (See Lake Tahoe).  This venue ensures a fun and entertaining experience while learning and we can continue your instruction while participating in these activities.

In addition to the various recreational and cultural activities available, each week will include a cocktail drink party with American guests during which the client can practice conversing in English, as well as either a dinner party with other Americans, or an evening outside the Institute.

Flexible Focused Immersion English Courses

Every participant in our program has particular needs and interests. That is why they choose our immersive program. It is possible to fully customize each program to teach you exactly what you want to learn. We will adjust the lessons and presentations depending on your language level, business or personal needs, and your individual interests. We will ask each client to fill out questionnaires to better determine how we can create the perfect program for you. Some examples of requested programs are:

  • Business writing and vocabulary
  • American business and social etiquette
  • Technical or business reading
  • Specialized vocabularies (legal, medical, and others)
  • American-style business negotiation
  • Human Resources rules, laws, customs and practices
  • American culture
  • American humor
  • Typical American cooking
  • American idioms and slang
  • Interpreting legal documents
  • Medical vocabularies and terms

Flexible Activities

Because of the nature of our structured, conversational immersion program, your program can be constructed around many fun, interesting, and invigorating activities. If you desire, there will be a daily outdoor activity, during which lessons will continue. Depending on the season, that activity might be a hike in the Snowboarding near Lake Tahoemountains, a walk by the beautiful lake, a snowshoeing adventure across an open alpine meadow, or a leisurely bike ride. Studies can also continue on an expedition to visit the unusual Black Rock Desert, or a trip to Yosemite National Park. Learning time will not be diminished as the client enjoys the abundant nature and outdoor activities of the Lake Tahoe Region. In addition, if you wish to engage in an {mosimage}activity that is not conducive to simultaneous immersive learning- skiing or snowboarding for example- learning times will be rearranged so that you may enjoy your favorite activity and still get the benefit of the entire scheduled learning time.

Flexible Scheduling

Being flexible not only covers the course material and activities, it also includes scheduling! If you want to take a few days recess in the middle of the course, or if you want to add extra days, ask us, and we can schedule your course around the activities or sightseeing you want to do!

Sample Basic Schedule

Each instructional program will be customized to meet your needs, and desired activities, but in general, the program will approximately follow this routine on a daily basis:

9:00 AM – Breakfast. Conversation takes place during breakfast

9:30 AM – Structured conversation begins on a variety of topics

11:00 AM – Daily telephone and conference call practice

11:30 AM – Continuation of structured conversations

1:00 PM – Lunch. Conversation continues during lunch

1:30 PM – Free time

2:30 PM – Outdoor activity. Structured conversation continues during activity

4:00 PM – Listening and comprehension activities, followed by discussion

6:00 PM – Cocktail hour. Conversation continues during cocktail drinks and appetizers

7:00 PM – Dinner. Conversation continues

9:00 PM – Daily lesson ends. Free time or continued conversation

Sample Schedule with Winter Sports Activities

8:00 AM – Breakfast. Conversation takes place during breakfast

8:30 AM – Structured conversation begins on a variety of topics

10:00AM – Daily telephone and conference call practice

10:30 AM – Continued structured conversations

12:00 PM – Lunch. Conversation continues over lunch

12:30 PM – Afternoon of skiing or snowboarding commences

4:00 PM – Return to Institute for shower and change of clothes

5:00 PM – Listening and comprehension activities, followed by discussion

6:30 PM – Cocktail Hour. Conversation continues during cocktails and appetizers

7:30 PM – Dinner. Conversation continues

8:30 PM – Structured conversations and activities

11:00 PM – Daily lesson ends. Free time or continued conversation

Sample Schedule with Exploration Excursion

8:00 AM – Breakfast. Conversation takes place during breakfast

8:30 AM – Daily telephone and conference call practice

9:00 AM – Depart Institute for Excursion. Structured conversation continues

10:00--11:00 AM – Arrive at destination. Driving, walking, hiking during conversation

12:00 PM – Picnic lunch and conversation

1:00PM – Continued exploration while conversations continue

5:00PM – Cocktails and appetizers at location. Conversation continues

6:00PM – Return to Institute. Structured conversation or special topics continues during drive

8:30 PM – Dinner and discussion of the day

9:30 PM – Daily lesson ends. Free time or continued conversation

As you can see, our program offers the most flexible and professionally-oriented immersion English language study AND the most fun available through any English language program in the world.


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