The Best English Program

Why is the Institute’s English program better than any other course of English study?

accomodationsEnglish is now taught in schools worldwide, but many adults have not had the opportunity to learn the language well, or to speak it easily. Most adults can’t learn like children – it is much more difficult and less intuitive for adults to learn languages. Traveling may teach you how to get places, find the bathroom and how to order in a restaurant, but traveling alone will not teach you to engage in legitimate conversations or to conduct business in English. Busy executives and professionals can’t take years to learn by taking classes a few times a week. Nor can they take three or four weeks for an immersion program that instructs for 4-6 hours a day in classes of, typically, 8-12 students. Also, most other courses are not designed to meet the language, business and professional needs of each individual student. The Lake Tahoe Institute of English addresses these issues.

  • We provide the most intensive total immersion English learning program anywhere. We provide 10-12 hours per day of immersion instruction and conversation, with a ratio of one mature highly educated instructor to one student for the majority of the time, and never more than one instructor to two students. In seven days of intensive one-to-one immersion you can gain up to a year’s worth of normal classroom instruction. Enrollment is limited to two clients at a time. Spouses and business associates are encouraged to attend together, and a discount is offered to the second enrollee.
  • The instructors are mature, highly educated and have a great deal of business experience themselves. Only the Lake Tahoe Institute of English provides you with the opportunity to engage with American professionals and culture at ground level – You will live in a real community and meet with a variety of professional level people, all while learning to speak and understand English in a structured, unintimidating, and friendly way. The instructors have had immersion language learning experiences themselves, and understand what it is like to try to speak another language as adults. You will experience the real lifestyle, traditions, food, conversations, humor and everyday activities that you will never experience just by learning in a classroom, or even by traveling.
  • In our program, you get more for your money than any other program. For the weekly fee, you can dramatically increase your English fluency. Your weekly fee pays for accommodations, a wide variety of terrific outdoor activities in Lake Tahoe, three meals per day with appetizers and cocktail drinks nightly, plus more time in a one week program with highly educated, TEFL certified instructors than with any other program.

  • The English spoken in the Western United States and Canada is the current standard for English. It is considered without accent, and is easily understood by any other speaker of English. The instructors were born and educated on the West Coast, and for most of their lives have lived there as well. Correct pronunciation is important while conducting business, and is emphasized during the course.
  • In addition, only we can offer all the wonderful activities available year round at beautiful Lake Tahoe, many of which are included in the course price.
  • Unlike other programs, our program is unique in offering both a course of study and a wide range of activities that are completely flexible so that each client’s exact needs and desires are met.

As you can see, our program offers the most flexible and professionally-oriented immersion English language study AND the most fun available through any English language program in the world. Think carefully about the things you would like to become proficient in, or participate in, and then communicate your interests to us. This includes specific career, professional, and personal goals. The future is yours!


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