How To Enroll and Eligibility

To be eligible to enroll you must have had previous formal study of the English language. Ideally, you must have had at least six months of classroom study in English, or the instructors must conclude that your English proficiency will allow you to benefit from participation. The ability to speak and understand English as well as you read or write English is NOT required. We primarily focus on understanding and speaking high level English. This requires some reading and writing in English, of course.

You must also obtain a visa to visit the United States. Please review the information and links in the FAQs section of our website.  We can help you understand some of the procedures if you notify us that you need assistance.

If participating at the Lake Tahoe Institute of English sounds like something you will enjoy,
and if you are eligible, fill out the Application below!

If you have questions about the Institute or about your participation that you want answered before you apply, please contact us

After the application is reviewed and accepted by the Institute, and attendance dates have been agreed to, emails will be sent to arrange the course options and activities, to make payment arrangements, and to obtain more information about you to make your experience at the Institute and at Lake Tahoe as valuable and fun as possible.

We will ensure accepted clients are prepared for the course and the activities at Lake Tahoe. Finally, confirmation of flight and arrival time at the Reno/Tahoe International Airport (RNO) is needed so that the Instructors can meet you and begin your course of study as soon as you arrive!

Payment Arrangements
The Institute will contact you separately to make arrangements for payment of the non-refundable deposit and full course fee. There are various ways of making payment. Also, a Director will contact you to estimate and make payment arrangements for any additional activity or exceptional fund transfer fees, too.

Application Process
The Enrollment process is in 3 parts:

  1. Submit your application. We will review it and respond. Assuming you qualify to attend, you will be contacted and attendance dates will be confirmed
  2. After course dates are confirmed, you will then be asked for information that will help us to:
    • arrange accommodations here at the Institute,
    • arrange the activities or excursions you want to enjoy, and
    • design a specific course for you.
    We will contact you with our general outline of plans for your course and activities.
  3. Finally, you will be asked to take a short English examination so that we can set up the most appropriate lesson plans for you.
A copy of the application form to attend the Lake Tahoe Institute of English is shown below. To download your copy of the Application Form click here.
It is in PDF format and can be filled out electronically (save it to your computer first). Once completed please return it to us via email as an attachment. Or you can print it, write on it, and return by fax or mail.
Once you have submitted your application you should receive a reply within three days.

To read the downloaded PDF you will need Adobe Reader. If you do not have the application you can download it from


Email: info@ tahoeenglish .com  |  Phone: 1+775 831 9648 | Skype: TahoeEnglish