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Hugo Z.

Division General Director-Symrise
Mexico City

Overall Rating 9 of 10

I think [this program] is absolutely different from other courses, and I think that this program is a real immersion experience. . . I think that the excursions are amazing. . .You were very professional all day and flexible with me. [The program] is great but the confidence that you develop in the program is incredible

E.S. M.D., MBA

Business Support Manager, LatAm (For a large pharmaceutical company)

Overall Rating 10 of 10

The activities and excursions are excellent. Lake Tahoe is a paradise. . . Overall, [the program] was excellent. Only in my case I needed more time. . . . I increased my self-confidence and comprehension more than expected. I felt extremely comfortable at the Institute not only because all excellent facilities and beautiful place, but because the quality of teachers gave me more than I expected. I achieved my objectives and found an excellent couple of friends forever.. . . I felt like home!!!

Concepcion D. PhD.

Professor and Consultant
Mexico City

Overall Rating 10 of 10

The excursions were incredible, excellent!!!. . . I would recommend the program to others because it is very good to learn quickly and the teachers are excellent.. . . Today, I can understand a lot. For me this is incredible!!!

Luciano M.

Millicom—Program Development Director--Central and South America
El Salvador

Overall Rating 10 of 10

The activities are fabulous and necessary, because the intensity of this program is too high. . . This is a great program and is the only way I can learn English.. . . [This program] is complete as this program has all the necessary grammar, pronunciation, speaking, etc.. . . Your environment is fun and fantastic. . . When I arrived to Lake Tahoe I needed to use Google to translate, but now, I . . . can respond without it.. . . Thanks to the instructors, I enjoyed this program.

Juan Carlos Acosta


This is a super personalized course at Lake Tahoe, on the border of California and Nevada, a wonderful place that is number one among the most visited places.

A year before, I was in London, but I must say that the course in Lake Tahoe provides you a more personalized and quicker learning. You live in the institutes owner’s home, they’re great people, and they’ll introduce you to their friends, and this way you’ll be able to interact with American society as you had never dreamed of, you’ll attend dinners and specific meetings with business people and other people from different fields, this will help you broaden your vision. Finally, since everything is in English, you’ll be able to have an accelerated and sustainable improvement.

Javier G.

CEO and owner of a graphic media company
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Overall Rating 9 of 10

I would recommend this program to others. It is really effective. The most valuable part was listening and pronunciation. What I did not expect, but was really useful was meeting and talking with other people and learning about their culture and their businesses.

Thank you very much for making me feel good from the first day, for teaching me more than expected and for being really professional.

Eldy Melgar

Overall Rating 10 of 10

In every place in the world you pay and you receive a service. Mostly it’s a commercial transaction but not in this program and not with these instructors. You receive more than you expect because everyday its better than the last.

I improved a lot because I learned quickly day by day, grammar, rules, but the most valuable thing was that I could talk and talk a lot…and practice all the time more than twelve hours per day and I always was learning something different!

Every contact, every real situation it’s an opportunity to learn. It is not just about the language, I mean Lake Tahoe is a wonderful place, so peaceful and beautiful, it’s a perfect mix. That really makes the difference and the added value.

Now I feel more comfortable, and that I can handle any conversation, business or social. I remember daily I was learning more, I was speaking, practicing, socializing, hearing, I was even dreaming in English. I was improving my English but at the same time I was learning more about American history, culture, social and the political situation. I also met important people in business, which they were interesting, brilliant with different kinds of success. All of them had a story about the meaning of life and success.

I have traveled to many countries but until now this experience has been the BEST in my life. I had such a wonderful time in the Institute with you both and also with the people that you introduced me to. They were “great” and I will never forget all of you. I can’t express with simple words how much I learned and enjoyed, I will keep my memories in my heart.

Timm H.
M.S., Environmental Engineering
Chief Environmental Officer of a major pharmaceutical company

Overall Rating 10 out of 10

This course is a special idea and it is so easy to learn English if you feel fine. You are attentive listeners and always friendly and professional. This is especially astounding because we spoke really much and over 20 days without a break. I think maybe the most valuable part of the program was the dinner parties because we learned to speak in groups and difficult situations.

Your balance between instructions, information and correction is a very good system. I think to be corrected in different situations (while in a conversation, after dinner) is sometimes difficult but the best way to remember mistakes.

Staying in your house was like a holiday with friends and everything was wonderful. The bedroom and bathroom were friendly, clean and comfortable and I used the rooms only a little (for sleeping) because we had so much interesting things to do and to speak about. When I returned home I checked my weight, and the scale says everything was tasty and delicious. Also, the activities were amazing, interesting and good to rest the mind. But also dangerous – wake surfing is much more fun than making presentations.

Diego V.
M.S., Applied Mathematics, MBA (Harvard Adjunct Program), PhD, Philosophy.
COO of a Financial Investment Firm, Software Developer

Overall rating 10 of 10

I felt like I was staying at home. Boni and Kim are outstanding. They take care of any detail. It was an unforgettable experience. At the same time, they are extraordinary teachers. I will miss them a lot. I’ve got 2 friends, really good ones. The house is beautiful, the food it’s great. I learned a lot, I am happy. I strongly recommend them.

Simon B.
Theology Student
Georg-August Universitat Gottingen

Overall rating 10 of 10

I had a great time while I was here. I totally enjoyed everything so that I am already planning to come back. Where shall I begin? The location is just perfect the institute is really nice and provides you with a warm and comfy feeling, there was never a situation were I felt stressed. The teachers are absolutely open minded, friendly and wonderful people. They were able to concentrate on my specific language problems so that I made an immense progress in just little time. The food is totally delicious and the surrounding of the institute has almost everything you wish for. It is not only the Lake but the whole environment that offers you so many different possibilities to be active or to just enjoy the beautiful nature. I strongly recommend you to come and check it out!!     

Wiebke W.
Psychology Student
Georg-August Universitat Gottingen

Overall rating 10 of 10

If someone is asking me how my 3 weeks in Incline Village were. My first answer is: Wonderful and amazing. I always do not know where to start. The Teachers, Kim and Boni, are great persons and they are always taking care of you. I learned so much while I was there. I improved my spoken language about 100% and I never felt like being a student. Its been kind of family learning atmosphere and I never felt like needing a break. But they just saw when I needed a break. And so we went to the wonderful lake. Have you ever seen a lake as clear as a diamond? I saw it in Incline Village. But none of my pictures is able to show the beauty of the lake. But now you would ask me: What was the worst part of it? I would tell that it was when I were back in Germany. I had to cook the food on my own again. And compared to the food Boni prepared for me I could not even call it food. So maybe you should ask her to give you some cooking lessons. I won´t forget to ask her the next time.

Juan P.
Product Development
Casino Group

Overall rating  9.4

I would recommend the program to others because it is a real, intensive and interesting experience in life.  The analysis of articles and speaking about different points of view were most valuable.  I really enjoyed the historical trips and the ski mornings!

Jusan Y.
Research Director

(A multi-national pharmaceutical company)

Overall rating 9.1

The activities and/or excursions were beyond expectations.  The cultural experience, extensive conversations and the personal touch were most valuable.   I did not expect to meet with different people in different social settings. . . I would recommend the program to others.


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