Video Testimonials

Watch and listen to some of the clients who participated at the Lake Tahoe Institute of English speak about their experiences in its English Immersion program.
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First, Gigliola Insuasty from Bogota, Colombia speaks:

Hiromitsu - Tokyo, Japan

Ignacio - Guadlajara, Mexico


Luciano - Argentina, San Salvador, Costa Rica

Maria - Caracas, Venezuela


Roque - Argentina, Puerto Rico, Colombia

Luza - Medellin, Colombia


Daniel - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Andres - Colombia, Venezuela


Victor - Asunción, Paraguay

Rodrigo - Sao Paulo, Brazil


Felipe - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Eduardo - Sao Paulo, Brazil


Solange - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Francois - Montreal, Quebec, Canada



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